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  Committed Team


Ammar Aker


Ammar Aker is the Palestine Telecom Group CEO and a member of Paltel Group’s Board of Directors. Notably, Paltel is the second largest employer in Palestine (after the Government). 


Prior to assuming his current position as Group CEO, he was the CEO of the Palestine Cellular Communications Co. Ltd., Jawwal, the first private leading cellular operator in Palestine.


Mr. Aker is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of VTEL Middle East and Africa (MEA). He is a member of the Board and the Executive Committee of the Palestine Development and Investment Company (PADICO Holding), the largest investment holding company in the country, in addition to his representation on the Board of Directors of some of its subsidiaries.  He is also currently a member of the Board of Trustees for An-Najah National University. 


As the CEO of Jawwal, Mr. Aker led Jawwal"s efforts in not only maintaining the largest market share, but also inspired the company in creating a unique customer experience for millions of customers. This was done in spite of numerous operational challenges by illegal Israeli operators in the Palestinian market. Prior to Jawwal, Mr. Aker has also held various finance and accounting positions in the U.S., Canada, UAE and Palestine.


Mr. Aker has enthusiastically promoted best practice in management and corporate governance throughout his career and has pushed for excellence in management, helping to inspire peers to aim higher in their career and professional goals. During his tenure, four Paltel Group female employees were ranked among the top 50 women executives in telecom and the Group were ranked among the top 20 telecom operators in the MENA region.


Mr. Aker is an active Board member in a number of international, regional and local initiatives such as; Palestine for a New Beginning (PNB); The Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity; in addition to the Amideast Advisory Board in Palestine. He is also an active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Palestine Branch and the Palestinian Businessmen Association (PBA).


Mr. Aker holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and an MSc degree in Accounting from Kent State University, Ohio.

Abdul Majeed Melhem

Mr. Abdul Majeed Melhem - General Manager



Abdul Majeed Melhem was appointed as the General Manager of Jawwal, the Palestine Cellular Communications Company Ltd. in October 2014.  Jawwal is the first and leading mobile operator in Palestine.  Given his recent position at the helm of Jawwal, Mr. Melhem is entrusted for maintaining the company’s strategic market positioning while strengthening its commercial position and expanding its influence throughout the IT sector in Palestine.

Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Melhem was the General Manager of Paltel, the Palestine Telecommunications Company, the national fixed line operator. 

Mr. Melhem served as the General Manager of Paltel for a period of four years, during which he worked with partners to promote local and foreign investments in the telecommunications network and infrastructure in an effort to continually advance technology platforms into the Palestine market place.  Under Mr. Melhem’s leadership at Paltel, the company was able to increase the spread of Internet services throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with the number of ADSL service subscribers increasing by 125%. 

Mr. Melhem played a key role in expanding the footprint of Paltel regionally in neighboring countries by signing agreements with major international companies, the most significant being with Turkish Telecommunications Group in the realm of cable connectivity.  This significant partnership established the first direct and independent connection with Palestine in order to bridge the connectivity of the country to the world via a submarine cable.

Prior to his recent positions, Mr. Melhem has had more than fifteen years of professional experience in the telecommunications sector, where he held several key managerial positions prior.  He was the Chief Wholesale Officer at Paltel Group, where he built a sustainable and efficient wholesale Department in cooperation with renowned local and international players.  He was also the Sales Director at Jawwal, where he managed different direct and indirect sales channels for both the Corporate and Retail segments.  He also served as a Customer Care Director at Jawwal.

Mr. Melhem is currently a member of the Executive Committee of Paltel Group.  He is also a Board member of VTel Jordan, the Palestine Plastic Industries Company Ltd. and Golden Wheat Mills Company.


Mr. Melhem holds a B.A. degree in Finance and Accounting from Hebron University and received his Executive training from renowned international institutes like Harvard Business School and INSEAD. 

Omar Shamali


Omar Shamali – Gaza Regional Manger


Mr. Omar Shamali was appointed as Gaza Regional Manger on January 2015. Mr. Shamali undertook the duties of managing the company’s overall activities and operations in terms of engineering, customer care, marketing, sales, procurement, planning, commercial development, IT, Finance, and human resources in Gaza strip.

Mr. Shamali joined ‘Jawwal’ family in 1999, and since then he held several managerial positions in the company; he was promoted as the Corporate Sales Manager in 2007and he served as Gaza Showrooms Manger in 2008, also he held the Sales and Marketing director position in 2011. Then, he was assigned to be the company’s Commercial Director in Gaza Strip in 2014.

Mr. Shamali holds a bachelor degree in economics and political science from the Islamic University in Gaza; he also obtained a ‘Telecoms Mini MBA’ from The United Arab Emirates, and a Leadership Certificate from the United States; In addition, he participated in various programs in the fields of customer care, strategic planning and project management such as the ‘Customer Experience Conference’ that was held in United kingdom

Hatem Turabi


 Hatem Turabi – Finance Director


Mr. Hatem Turabi is the Finance Director at Jawwal since early February 2014; he has seventeen years of experience in the financial sector; throughout this period, he demonstrated advanced skills and effective contribution in financial operations and supervision, problem solving and the preparation of short and long-term financial action plans. In addition to contributing to the development of the company's strategies, cost planning operations, financial analysis and revenue assurance.


Mr. Turabi joined Jawwal’s family in 1999, where he worked in various managerial and financial positions, and supported the development of the financial system of the company. He also worked as a part-time lecturer at Al-Quds Open University between 2004 and 2007.


Mr. Turabi holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the AnNajah National University; he also holds various professional and specialized certificates. 


Alaa Hijazi


Alaa Hijazi – Marketing Director


Mr. Alaa Hijazi is the Marketing Director at "Jawwal" since January 2017; he is responsible for the development of the company’s marketing strategies, as well as the marketing and promotional plans and programs, in addition to supervising the distribution of promotional and advertising materials.


Mr. Hijazi joined the GSM Project’s team in 1999; the project was a result to the Palestinian Mobile Phone Project through a team from Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel). Mr. Hijazi contributed to the launching of the project in Hebron governorate.


Mr. Hijazi began his work as a Supervisor to Hebron Showroom; he was later promoted to Manager of Southern Showrooms. He moved to work in Jawwal’s headquarter as the Manager of Policies and Operations of Sales, and later as a Manager to one of the most important departments at the company, the Sales Department.

Maamoun Al-Fares


Mamoun Al-Fares – Customer Care Director


Mr. Mamoun Al-Fares is the Customer Care Director at Jawwal since January 2017; he supervises the operations and plans that ensure the provision of services to Jawwal’s subscribers at the best quality.


Mr. Al-Fares joined the Sales Department in 1999, and held various positions since then, including the Showrooms Manager in 2002. He was later promoted to Project Manager, in which he managed a group of essential and sensitive projects at the company, most prominently, the development of the billing system, and the development of Business Processes Enhancement and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


At the beginning of 2011, Mr. Fares became the Human Resources Manager and remained in this position for more than six years, in which he introduced international systems and policies in the field of incentive management, performance, professional development of employees and capacity building of institutions.


Mr. Al-Fares holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from AnNajah National University in 1995, and a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Bergan University, Norway, in 1998. In addition, he holds PRINCE2 Project Management Certificate from the Office of Government Commerce in the UK. Mr. Al-Fares also attended a Project Management Course offered by IIR in Dubai in affiliation with George Washington University and PMI, and he participated in international conferences that specializes in telecommunications and human resources.


Nadia Mansour


Mrs. Nadia Mansour – Corporate Supply Chain Director


Mrs. Nadia Mansour is the Corporate Supply Chain Director at Jawwal since January 2017; she supervises the company’s procurements, internal services, logistics, and administrative affairs, in addition to facility management and the company’s civic projects and maintenance. In addition to planning, executing, and monitoring the processes of transporting and storing raw material and their inventory.


Mrs. Mansour joined Jawwal’s family in 2000 as the Contact Center Supervisor; she introduced the foundations of customer care and the Call Center. She became the Planning Manager under the Marketing Department for a period of three years. In January 2011, she became the Customer Care Director, due to her leadership and organization skills.

Maher Barrouk


Maher Barrouk – Human Resources Director


Mr. Maher Barrouk is the Human Resources Director at Jawwal since January 2017; he is leading the strategic planning for human resources, and the standardization of the operations and policies related to the employees in order for the company to operate under international standards.

Mr. Barrouk joined Jawwal’s family in 1998 as an Engineer in the Radio Department; he was promoted to a Senior Engineer in the same department, and later as the Head of the Radio Unit in 2000. Mr. Barrouk became the Deployment and Maintenance Manager and was responsible for the supervision and planning of the cellular network towers, in addition to the management and monitoring of the projects. In 2011, he was promoted as the Network Operations Director, which has one of the most challenging cellular network environments in the world.


Mr. Barrouk holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Birzeit University, in addition to Mini MBA Certificate. He also participated in extensive training programs in planning, dimensions, and the operation and maintenance of cellular communication systems.


Amjad Al-Bishtawi


Amjad Al-Bishtawi – Network Operations Director


Mr. Amjad Al-Bishtawi is the Network Operations Director at Jawwal since February 2017; he manages the operations related to the network and data centers, in addition to the preparation for launching the 3G service.


Mr. Bashtawi began his career at Jawwal as an IT Engineer in 1998, and afterwards become the Supervisor of the Added Services Unit; in 2004, he promoted to the position of Added Services Manager, in which he was responsible for supervising and planning systems for the added services, and the automation of services through IVR, USSD, and SMS, in addition to Jawwal’ls website and the development of the electronic system to add credit.


In January 2011, Mr. Bashtawi was promoted to the position of Information Technology Director at Jawwal, in which he and his team established and developed an exclusive work environment for Jawwal’s services with advanced and high quality standards that the subscribers of Jawwal aspire for. He worked towards the standardization of systems, servers, and the applications that serve the subscribers. He also developed virtual environments, and began his work towards disaster recovery services and virtual environments related to the employees.


Mr. Bishtawi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Control Engineering from Yarmouk University in Jordan, in addition to a Mini MBA certificate. He participated in extensive training programs in personnel and project management, negotiation skills, and various courses and workshops in the fields of information technology, applications, and added services.



Fayez Emter


Fayez Emter – Sales Director


Mr. Fayez Emter is the Sales Director at Jawwal since January 2017; he manages the various sales channels to achieve distinctive results and advance the company’s performance, and to achieve the sales goals while preserving and increasing the active accounts.


Mr. Emter joined the Palestine Mobile Phone Project, through a team from Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel). He began to supervise the components of Jawwal’s stations and maintenance work, in addition to supervising the data centers and showrooms in the West bank and Gaza.


In 2011, Mr. Emter became the Corporate Supply Chain Director, in which he supervised the company’s procurement and internal logistical services, in addition to administrative affairs, facilities management, as well as planning, execution and supervision of the transportation and storage of raw materials. In 2005, he was promoted to the position of the Director of Civil Works and Technical Services.


Mr. Emter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Birzeit University and various other certificates due to his participation in advanced courses in the fields of engineering, procurement and management.


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