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  Palestinian Junieh


 Jawwal introduces the most affordable and first of its kind prepaid program!!

Join the “Palestinian Junieh” (Pound) program and get charged with Palestinian Juniehs, which gives you the flexibility of usage based on your needs, including:

  • Minutes or SMS towards Jawwal, landline, an all local and international networks
  • Internet Browsing
  • National roaming

To join the program, call 15129 for free and choose a weekly or monthly bundle suitable to you! You can also join the program by visiting one of our showrooms or network of distributors.

For new subscribers, please visit one of our showrooms or network of distributors.


Weekly bundles

  • Bundle of 100 Palestinian Juniehs for 15NIS
  • Bundle of 175 Palestinian Juniehs for 25NIS

The weekly bundles are valid for 7 days after adding the Juniehs

Monthly bundles

  • Bundle of 200 Palestinian Juniehs for 30NIS
  • Bundle of 350 Palestinian Juniehs of 50NIS
  • Bundle of 550 Palestinian Juniehs for 75NIS
  • Bundle of 800 Palestinian Juniehs for 100NIS
  • Bundle of 1500 Palestinian Juniehs for 150NIS
  • Bundle of 2250 Palestinian Juniehs for 200NIS

The monthly bundles are valid for 30 days after adding the Juniehs

Countries included within the Palestinian Juniehs

Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United States, Turkey, Sudan, France, Australia, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Thailand, Canada, Romania, Norway, Russia, China, Italy, Germany, India, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Charging within Palestinian Juniehs

  • 1 Palestinian Juniehs per minute towards Jawwal, Zain Jordan, Paltel and SMS towards any destination
  • 2 Palestinian Juniehs per MB for internet usage
  • 3 Palestinian Juniehs towards local networks and Israeli cellular
  • 5 Palestinian Juniehs towards international calls (to inquire about the countries, please click here)
  • Incoming calls from all destinations are free of charge during national roaming on Partner network, and 3 Juniehs per minute for calls towards Jawwal during national roaming
  • Incoming calls from Jawwal and Zain are free of charge during roaming on Zain Jordan network

If you use all your Juniehs, add credit to your balance, and you will be charged as follows

  • 0.35NIS per minute towards Jawwal
  • 0.45NIS per minute towards other local networks
  • 0.15NIS per any SMS towards Jawwal
  • 0.35NIS per any SMS towards other networks
  • 1NIS per 3MB

Renewal and switching between bundles

  • The bundles are automatically renewed at midnight for the following day after the validity of the bundle ends. Example: the validity of the bundle ends on 12/05; the bundle is renewed if there is sufficient balance on 12/06 at 12:00AM.
  • Please make sure there is sufficient balance to deduct the weekly or monthly subscription fees in order to benefit from the bundles. In case there is no sufficient balance, charging shall take place outside the Palestinian Juniehs; once sufficient balance is available, the bundle is renewed with a validity that begins since the date it was added.
  • You can switch between the various bundles at any time; the remaining Palestinian Juniehs from the current bundle are added to the new bundle, and will have the same validity as the new bundle.
  • Switching from weekly bundles to mnthly bundles or to bundles with more Juniehs is free of charge.

Details and general terms and provisions

  • All rates mentioned above are VAT excluded.
  • After notifying its subscribers, Jawwal has the right to modify the rates, services, bundles, and tariffs, and modify the countries included in the program, as well as the terms of subscription to services, plans and bundles, or suspend the program.

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