About the Group

Paltel Group is the leading company in the telecom industry of Palestine. It is at the forefront of services and state-of-the-art technology providers within the Palestinian market subject to international standards and specifications. The Group was established in 1995 as a public shareholding company to provide landline telecommunications (Paltel), cellular communications (Jawwal), internet services (Hadara) and Reach Company which is the first and biggest call center in Palestine for providing off-shore telecom services. Moreover, the Group adapted the most recent advancements and technological applications for building a promising digital technology future in Palestine.


Paltel Group is considered to be the first institution in Palestine to provide high capacity employment in the private sector Nationwide.


We strive to meet the growing needs of our dedicated customers especially as the telecom industry and more specifically as the Palestinian Ministry of Telecom & Information Technology continues to evolve. We look forward to enhancing our investments and delivering quality landline, cellular, and high-speed internet services, especially in unserved areas. We further aim to continuously scale up our services via added-value services.


Committed to remain the first choice to our customers in providing telecom services through adherence of our values and principles; adoption of high management standards in practices and customer care; offering the best telecom services in Palestine and maintaining our position as a leading telecom group within the region.


We always strive to overcome all obstacles and confront all challenges, particularly to obtain additional frequencies necessary to expand services and maintain quality. Jawwal aims to obtain 4G technology to provide up-to-date services, fight the illegal competition of Israeli Companies, and overcome the recurrent Israeli barriers and obstacles concerning the entry of equipment and devices to Palestine, especially to Gaza Strip.