About Jawwal

Since its first launch in 1999 by a phone call made by the late President “Yasser Arafat, Jawwal has grown to serve over three million subscribers. In accordance with our staff members, Jawwal managed to gain recognition throughout the country by 28 showrooms and creating dealership with over 500 exclusive dealers and two thousand locations, to be the first national and efficient provider of the cellular communications services in Palestine by providing the most recent and state-of-the-art services and communications attained by the globe technology.

In addition to that, Jawwal launched 3G services in West Bank by January 2018 despite the continuous challenges faced from the Israeli occupation. Furthermore , we continue our efforts to provide this service to Gaza Strip.


Moreover, we have launched applications to our subscribers that simulate the digital technologies and link their various aspects of life with the technology to save their time and effort and keep them aware of every service provided by the international communications sector.


Our success story is the result of 20 years that we share with our subscribers and the Palestinian community, with all the difficulties, challenges and achievements. The trust and confidence that our subscribers, investors and community invested in us over the years made us proud over the years.. We feel honored to have made a remarkable footprint in our homeland PALESTINE. 

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


To  remain the leading company that provides effective, efficient and reliable cellular communications services to all its subscribers within the Palestinian market. As well as  overcoming all difficulties and obstacles, and be able to  bring tie facilitate business while sustaining our growth together with the National Economy Growth.



  • Receive positive feedback satisfy our subscribers
  • Continuously work on developing a concrete and secure communications network all over the country
  • To develop Qualified high-performance staff to become the role model of professionalism and transparency  
  • Overcome obstacles that may slow our progress in order achieve our vision


Our Identity & Values:


Passion and diligence, fluency, reliable, outreach with unlimited vision

Environment Policy

Since its inception in 1999 by a phone call made by the late President “Yasser Arafat”, Jawwal was able to achieve persistent and significant success on the ground. As of 2006, Jawwal has maintained ISO-14001 certification (International Environmental Management System “EMS”) and raised environmental awareness among staff, subscribers and the public through targeted and deliberate EMS programs. Our risk assessments and long term plans are dedicated to the mitigation of environmental pollutants which could adversely impact the environment.



Given the great importance of the environment assumed by the Company and commitment of its higher management to maintain it, Jawwal has taken the responsibility of maintaining the environment upon itself in all of its operations.

Special Services to Distinguished Subscribers

Jawwal provides its subscribers with distinguished services withsophisticated technological services through tailored multi-programs that meet their needs with the best prices. We work to automate information related to our services and procedures to activate and deactivate them via shortcut numbers, SMS and the official website of the Company.


In the light of accelerated technological advances, we make sure to provide our subscribers with the most outstanding and advanced services. We pursue efforts to make and sign annual agreements with Ericson Company for the purpose of developing and upgrading our network. In addition, we ensure to have the latest international programs designated for serving subscribers, consolidate our programs system, offer a variety of services with special offers. Aside from  global partnerships with giant companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Arab Bank.