Affirming Jawwal’s constant endeavor to provide the greatest number of internship opportunities for the students of Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology, to give them the opportunity to gain an overview of the practical aspect and to facilitate their access to labor market, the company conducts the engineering internship program annually through providing a trained and specialized staff of Jawwal’s staff members, to pass on and transfer their scientific and practical experience to students from various Palestinian universities. The program includes 90 internship hours of theoretical and practical training for 3 weeks, in addition to courses in the area of competencies and skills which help the participants in enhancing their skills and identifying their talents and orientations.         


Based on Jawwal’s care for the support of different sectors, including the education sector and its care for youth, the company has signed cooperation and partnership agreements with several Palestinian universities to accommodate universities’ students in the company’s various departments in order to enhance their academic skills through practice.


It is noteworthy that Jawwal is one of the partner companies in the program of “Dual Studies” in cooperation with Al-Quds University. It is an educational system which combines academic study and practical application; it was launched by Al-Quds University in 2015, with funding from the German Government via the Institution of German International Cooperation “GIZ”. The program aims at bridging the gap between the outcomes of academic education and the needs and requirements of the Palestinian labor market; it also provides the student with the opportunity to learn in university and receive training at one of the Palestinian specialized companies, to obtain Bachelor’s degree.”


For further information concerning Dual Studies program, please visit the following link:

Ana Jawwal Program

What is “Go Professional” Program?

It is an internship program which targets new graduates and Palestinian young staff members, this program was designed to bring together training courses and practical experience, whereas interns spend a period of 23 months, during which, they shall move between a number of the company’s departments, in order to develop their skills, and enrich their curriculum vitae (CV) with a real and actual practical experience, which shall qualify them for diverse job opportunities.

What are the advantages of the program?

  • It enables the intern to know about and identify Jawwal as a leading company, specialized in one of the most developed work sectors.
  • It develops the skills and functional capacities through the acquirement of expertise in a real work environment.
  • It engages the intern in diverse and systematic internship programs in order to acquire skills that are basic and required by the labor market.
  • The intern shall receive a certificate of expertise, certified and approved by Jawwal.
  • The intern shall obtain several advantages (monthly salary, health insurance, leaves, free minutes and many other advantages).




The applicant of “Go Professional” Program shall be required to be:

  • A new graduate, age below 24 years old.
  • Holder of an approved academic degree, no lower than diploma degree, provided that such applicant shall pass the comprehensive exam successfully, or bachelor’s degree in the specialties of Administrative, Business or Human Sciences, Languages, Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering or Information Technology.
  • Evaluated as good or above, based on Grade Point Average (GPA) achieved in university or college.
  • Uncommitted to work with any other party.
  • Have strong competencies in contact and communication.

Stages of Selection of Program Candidates:

The selection of the program’s candidates relies upon passing through all related stages, as follows:



Submission of Application:

The enrolment application may be submitted via Jawwal website, through getting access to Go Professional page, and inserting all required data, in addition to the attachment of the curriculum vitae “CV”.


Screening of Applications:

Jawwal reviews, studies and screens the applications, in order to select the candidates to whom the program’s requirements apply.


Initial Interviews:

Interviews shall be conducted to evaluate the skills and attitudes of applicants, based on clear standards that relate to the program’s requirements and to answer their queries and questions.



If initial interviews were passed successfully, diverse tests shall be conducted to measure the applicants’ capacities and skills, and their appropriateness for the programs’ requirements.


Final Interviews:

Based on the results of initial interviews and tests, the best candidates shall be called for final interviews, to choose the suitable number according to the program’s needs.


Proceeding with the Internship Program:

The enrolment in the program shall be in batches, as per the program’s carrying capacity, and the date of each batch’s enrolment shall be announced via this page.


To know the starting and closing dates of receiving applications for the enrolment in the program, please check our website or Facebook page.