Carefully read the below Terms and Conditions; when you start using this website, it means that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Jawwal’s internet page. Jawwal reserves its right to change, modify or update the website’s Terms and Conditions at any time it sees appropriate, considering your approval present to such amendments, changes and updates.



Welcome to our internet website, which contains information and services that include calling, entertainment, marketing and administrative services.

1.You can access the services mentioned above either through “WAP” or “PDA”; you have the right to use this website and benefit from it after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of your access and usage to the content and to the services provided in this website.

2.This site is operated on behalf of the Palestinian Cellular Communications Company, referred to as “we” or Jawwal”; users of the website who access our page after they agree to the Terms and Conditions are referred to as “subscribers”.

3.Any person under these Terms and Conditions is entitled to become a subscriber to Jawwal’s website.

4.Subscribers have to take into consideration the Terms and Conditions specific to the services, plans and products provided by Jawwal.

5.Commitment to the Terms and Conditions is considered done when subscriber visits and uses Jawwal’s website; and when performing any transaction on the website. It is considered that the subscriber has agreed to the Terms and Conditions applied specifically to the services and products.

6.This introduction is an integral part of this Terms and Conditions document.



1.The following word(s) have the definitions below, unless the context requires otherwise:

2.Jawwal’s Internet is the website on Internet network that is owned and operated by Jawwal, which provides information and services (referred to as  Jawwal’s website).

3.Services and products of Jawwal’s website: all the services, products and online transactions provided by Jawwal through its website.

4.Terms and Conditions applied by Jawwal: Terms and Conditions specific to any service or product provided by Jawwal through its website.

5.Subscriber:Jawwal’s website visitors and the subscribers registered to it.·Survey Forms: the form or forms available on Jawwal’s website to be used for service evaluation or suppliers’ registration.

6.Registration Form: Pages available on the website referred to as “Registration Form” for subscribers to fill out their personal data and information.



Jawwal always makes sure that for website has updated and accurate information, and you agree to use this website at your own responsibility. Although we make our best to have accurate and updated information on our website, we do not provide any guarantee that this website or that the internet provider network is free of viruses or other harmful components; and we are therefore  not responsible for any kind of damages or losses arising from the use of this website, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, urgent, psychological and related damages.



(a) Except for the listed Terms and Conditions in this document, Jawwal is not responsible, in any way, for any losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, which may  occur due the usage of Jawwal’s website or its online services and products, even if Jawwal was previously notified of the possibility of such damage. If subscribers do not accept any part of this website, services, products or any of the Terms and Conditions, then their only compensation is to discontinue the usage of this website.

(b)   Subscribers cannot hold Jawwal accountable due to delay in providing or reconnecting Jawwal’s website and its services and products; Jawwal is also not responsible for any loss, damage, harm in data due to any reason, including and not limited to – for example – disconnection, misuse, improper delivery, suspension, interruption or termination of the service, content accuracy, sources provided and received throughout the services and products of Jawwal’s website.


Steps to use the Website:

1.The subscriber enters Jawwal’s website link

2.Subscriber  needs  to create a personal account on My Account Page, in order to activate any of the services the website provides.

3.To create an account on My Account page, the subscriber enters his/her Jawwal number in the provided space for creating an account, and he/she shall  receive account’s password for  the entered Jawwal number.

4.The subscriber selects the services that he/she needs or wants to know more information about using the service list available on website.

5.If subscriber wants to subscribe to a service, he/she needs to follow the detailed instructions available on the website, which includes how to subscribe and activation code.

6.Each time subscriber uses and benefits from “balance transfer, view bills, transfer and redeem points” services through  “My Account’s site”, Subscriber  an SMS  to the  Jawwal number using the services, which includes the password to be entered to activation  enabling  subscriber  to complete the process, in order to ensure data security and privacy of transactions carried out on the website.

7.Jawwal has the absolute right to refrain from sending the password previously mentioned or activating the services in some cases, for examples: irregularity in paying bills, insufficient balance, technical issues or other reasons as Jawwal sees appropriate.

8.The expenses for these services will be added to postpaid subscribers’ bill, or deducted from prepaid subscribers’ balance (regardless the subscription  plan).


Responsibility of Subscribers:

According to the Terms and Conditions of Palestine’s Cellular Communications Company (Jawwal), the subscribers must:

a.Maintain their passwords, whether for PUK, My Account or any password related to other services, for example:  “balance transfer, view bills, transfer and redeem points” and ensure that they do not share it or disclose it with any other person; the subscriber is fully responsible for the fees, damages or losses resulting from the usage of personal credentials (username and password).

b.Always use PUK  password and its code to enter the service you activated; changing passwords is available through My Account page specific to PUK from time to time to ensure security.

c.Maintain the intellectual property rights of Jawwal and other entities.

d.Using  Palestine Cellular Communications Company (Jawwal)’s website for illegal, inappropriate, or any other reason prohibited by the law or these Terms and Condition is not allowed.

e.Subscribers guarantee  to bear all expenses and fees for activating services provided by Jawwal.

f.Subscribers do not have to right for objecting to Jawwal in case it stops  providing any of the services.


Links to Other Websites:

Jawwal is not responsible for any links included on its website that are not directly affiliated with it; these links exist to make the process easier for the subscribers; entering these websites is  subscribers’ responsibility as Jawwal does not control the information included in these websites and is not responsible for any damage or loss that happens to subscribers due to their access to such links and their reliance on their content.


Payment Provisions:

According to the Terms and Conditions applied by Jawwal, It has  the right to restrict a subscriber’s credit card, or to reclaim any amount, including the amounts paid in advance for a service or product provided on Jawwal’s website, and subscribers must pay to Jawwal any other charges or fees owed as determined by Jawwal.


Modification of Services:

Jawwal has the right to change or modify specific services that it provides to the subscribers, and Jawwal has the right to partially or entirely discontinue services provided on the website without prior notice.


Change of Address:

If a subscriber changes his/her address, he/she needs to edit this information in the personal data section of the website, and the subscriber is responsible for any risks for losses or delays in correspondence and mail prior to the edit.



Jawwal reserves its right in modifying and changing this Terms and Conditions document or any other document related to its services on the website, in which becomes immediately binding to the subscriber.


Data Access Control:

Jawwal reserves its right in managing and controlling the access to its computer systems and stored data within its website.


Privacy Policy:

Jawwal highly values its clients and website users' privacy. The privacy policy for Jawwal website, which is part of this Terms and Conditions document, is available online. Jawwal has the right to make changes to its privacy policy, and these changes become effective the day they are published on Jawwal website.

Information Collection and Security Policy:

The collection, storage, usage, publishing, moving, copying, and access restrictions for personal information of users will be subject to the Information Collection and Security Policy and the relevant laws of Palestine.

Intellectual Property:

All contents of Jawwal website including, but not limited to, texts, logos, videos, images, suppliers’ information as well as all the software that runs the website are the sole intellectual property of Jawwal, and are subject to the protections afforded to trademarks, intellectual property, and author rights of Jawwal.

Any content published on the website is the sole trademark of Jawwal, including logos, page headers, texts and names of services. Reproduction and reuse of these trademarks and designs is prohibited without a written legal permission from Jawwal. Any unauthorized use of Jawwal’s trademark may result in legal prosecution of the unauthorized user.

Governing Law:

This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the Palestinian law . The legal courts of Palestine have full jurisdiction over the resolution of any conflict or claims arising from the use of Jawwal‘s website. Jawwal, to its sole discretion, has the right to present any conflicts or claims before the courts of other countries if the need arises.