GM Speech – Abdulmajeed Melhem

Jawwal has entered one of the largest competitive markets of the communications industry in  the Middle East. Notwithstanding the challenges it passed, Jawwal has achieved its targets and acquired 65% of the market share within the Palestinian market considering the increased dominance and penetration of the illegal Israeli Companies over and into the Palestinian market. Israeli companies had supported and strengthened its illegal transmitters and networks within areas of our homeland. Moreover, we were forced to use switchboards in London instead of Palestine as the Israeli occupation seized our equipment in 2001.  Noted that, we were the first company in the cellular communications industry who served its subscribers by switchboards across thousands of miles away from headquarter. We have succeeded to deliver 3G to our subscribers in West Bank and aspire to offer the same in Gaza Strip.


We overcome all of these challenges and obstacles to be eligible for serving the Palestinian subscriber, exceeding expectations and serving them as life style of JAWWAL business.


General Manager

Abdulmajeed Melhem