Our mission is to satisfy our customers, and to continue motivating our employees to do their best, and to be responsible before our customers, investors, and society in general.


Jawwal is proud of its leading role in opening the door to investment in cellular communications field in Palestine, through its work over the past fifteen years, where the company contributed in providing unlimited number and a new generation of services that keep pace with developments in the world of telecommunications and information technology.


Communications have become part of our daily lives, and we are keeping up with this progress by providing an integrated system of services for corporate and individuals. We are trying our best to provide the latest global services to our customers, which confirm that we will always take the lead in telecommunications sector in the Palestinian market. That will be through telecom, entertainment and global services that we are providing, in addition to the full range of corporate services solutions.


Our customers are our priority in 'Jawwal'; as we are always keen to listen to their expectations and needs, and providing the best services and offers suite and meet such needs.


The fact that we are part of “Paltel Group”, which supports our contribution in the development of the Palestinian economy and our social responsibility. In addition, we are providing our customers with a various distinctive services that keep up with the latest technology.


Finally, allow me to thank all our subscribers, partners, investors, employees and the entire Palestinian community for the trust they have put in us. We are committed to proving ourselves worthy of this trust and we insist on maintaining our leading role in the growth process of this economy, as well as in the protection of our environment and the development of technology. To continue serving our subscribers and to care for their wellbeing is our priority and is the key to the success of Jawwal in this active market.


Abdul Majeed Melhem

General Manager