Roam wherever you wish in the world! All you need is there for you only in one application, and that is “Roaming app”


This application helps you know:

  • Roaming prices in the country you are visiting.
  • The weather in the country you are visiting.
  • All the tourism places and all the needed information you need to know about the country you are roaming in as in the currency, maps, restaurants, hotels, transportations, and many more.


To use this application:

  • Activate GPS or Location service on your smart phone.
  • Enter your name (Mobile number) and your password on my account “7isabi” which is entered for once when you upload the application for the first time.



  • This app is available for smart phone users operating with Android and IOS.
  • To download the App:
  • Android:
  • IOS:


  • If you have uploaded the application using your mobile internet, you will pay the uploading cost.
  • For more information please call the 111 call center ( 00972599578999) or 1122 corporate contact persons (00972599578987)