Speech of Paltel Group CEO – Ammar Alaker

Since its inception, Paltel Group has taken on the responsibility to create a telecom system that offers modern technological services tailored to meet the needs of the Palestinian people. As such, the Group has developed the necessary plans and devised a series of strategies that adheres to the overarching vision of its board of directors, presided by Mr. Sabih Al Masri as well as respective shareholders. Under the message “Palestine Deserves,” the Group is working to create a distinctive Palestinian identity and break free from dependency on the occupation.  

We provide the best quality telecom and internet services in the Palestinian market which has been a point of pride for us at Paltel Group. Which is why we are always looking forward to developing and raising the quality of our servicing and bringing high impact international technology to our subscribers.


To date, we have achieved a number of accomplishments in virtually every sector we are active in. In 2018, one of our most groundbreaking achievements was securing the exclusive rights to provide our people in the West Bank the ability to access 3G technologies. We are currently working tirelessly to secure the same right for our communities across Gaza. We have now set our sights on 4G which is taking the world by storm, and we hope to provide our loyal subscribers with this service as soon as possible.  


We are constantly working on developing and expanding our network to meet the evolving needs of our dedicated subscribers. In today’s fast paced digital world, we are always working to provide faster, smarter and more efficient services that embraces the latest digital technologies. This comes as a response to the aggressive maneuvers adopted by Israeli telecommunication companies which seeks to disrupt local industry with thousands of their SIMs via piracy methods, and the blatant disregard for competent international institutions.



These challenges would have gone unheeded if not for the Group’s unwavering support for their subscribers and local communities and their commitment to social responsibility. Since our inception we have created a self-sustaining institution dedicated to promoting equitable opportunities and support via our dedicated corporate social responsibility. We have successfully converted our CSR concept from focusing solely on relief, into an entity that is advocates for sustainable development via a series of integrated programs and initiatives. Furthermore, we help our communities transform their ideas into development-oriented enterprises to paves the way for stable economic livelihoods. The sectors which we pay particular attention to includes education, technology, health and wellness, as well as other marginalized areas of focus.  


At the Palestinian Telecommunication Company, we recently opened our newest data center, with Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh attending the prestigious ceremony. This exemplifies our dedication to investing and developing the competencies of local Palestinian infrastructure. The center provides advanced services to corporates and institutions to facilitate their respective businesses. Moreover, we established the Paltel Group Innovation Hub, “Fikra,” as a platform for our nation’s youth and innovative professionals interest in ICT and entrepreneurship. The Hub allows us to connect directly with these innovators and empower them with the guidance, training sessions, and networks of professionals in a variety of high-performing fields.