Palestine Cellular Communications Company “Jawwal” is the first mobile network operator in Palestine. Jawwal succeeded in providing its clients with the best telecommunication service while facing difficult political, economic and social circumstances. Since we started providing our services, we have been able to stand up to all kinds of difficulties to keep abreast of all new and present it to our subscribers.


PALTEL Group, a specialized integrated company, is proud to provide telecommunications services in the realm of mobile, fixed line and data technologies to a growing base of Palestinian customers in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Group provides connectivity to millions of Palestinians in the Diaspora; connecting them with their beloved homeland, in addition to servicing all foreign guests that visit, stay and work in Palestine.

We have set very ambitious goals from the outset; where we intend to keep on leading the evolving ICT sector, to continue building the sector and elevating it to a significant level on the national economic agenda while positioning Palestine prominently on the global digital map.

Keeping up with the pace of technological developments in our sector is not easy and requires constant adaptation to new systems, human skill development, financial investments and good management practice. We have taken up this challenge to be on a par with our global peers. However, it is important to note that in Palestine there are extra challenges that we take as an incentive to double our efforts to serve our customers.

Despite such challenges, we have compensated this by providing various commercial offers and campaigns, doubled services and extensive community engagements. In addition, we are building the infrastructure for our network to jump towards a “Digital Palestine” in the imminent future.  We know it is inevitable because we are building it daily.


The year 2017 was a landmark year in achievements, even with the continued growth and increasing competition in our mobile and data services. Our teams managed to increase our subscriber’s base in fixed lines, mobile and data operation to reach approximately 3.7 million subscribers. We are continuing with our twin strategy to serve current customers while growing additional subscribers by investing in our human resources and in our core infrastructure, to enable our core services in connectivity to reach additional remote areas and thus serve more people.

As a Group committed to its community, we always like to speak about our activities in social responsibility and community development beyond the Palestinian communication sector. We seek for connecting schools with the internet, providing PCs to segments of society deprived of digital inclusion and donating scholarships to aspiring students. We also adhere to elevated standards of service and sustainability by actively encouraging our companies to be responsible in their services and community interaction through channeling more resources to establish several projects that contribute in national, community and human development.



Ammar Aker

CEO of Paltel Group